Muxia is surrounded by excellent beaches that stand out for the quality of its water, the good location and the fine and white sand. Their large number of beaches allows us to choose between those with a smoother or wilder sea, such as Lourido beach or Nemiña; or those with softer water inside the estuary like in A Barreira, Lago, Muíños, Espiñeirido or A Cruz. But in the muxian coast we also have unknown small bays just as the O Coto, As Raias, Vilaverde, Borreiros, Arliña or Arnela.

We have beaches that are protected from the north-east wind, which most strikes in summer time, like A Barreira, Lago, Arliña or Nemiña, facing south or west. In this last one the waves allow us to go surfing. If you do not have means of transportation, you can approach to the nearest beach to the village center on foot like O Espiñeirido, A Cross, Arliña or Lourido.



The festive calendar of Muxia is intense and varied. It is intensely lived mainly the festival of A Virxe da Barca, one of the great festivals of Galicia, held the second weekend of September, except when falls the celebration falls on a Sunday  the 8th, which then moves to 15th. This celebration continues for four days, from Friday to Monday, where a full festival program develops. The main days are Saturday and Sunday, when thousands of people flood the streets of Muxia, day and night.

During the summer time other parties are also celebrated in town, like La Virgen del Carmen, in the last weekend of  July, with a sea procession and O Mercado das Rutas do Mar held the first half of August. The intention of this festival is to recreate the seafaring life of muxian people years ago. Here we can enjoy music, theater or seafood cuisine.

Close to Muxia, in San Roque de Moraime, the Saturday after August the 16th, crowded festival is celebrated in the surroundings of the chapel of this saint. In Quintáns (San Martiño de Ozón), the first weekend of August there are the festivals of San Isidro, on Sunday after solemn mass, the sword dance is danced. On September 21st there is festival in Trasufre (Coucieiro), in honor of A Virxe do Espiño.



Throughout the year the council of Muxia develops a complete and varied program of cultural activities of theater, music, lectures, exhibits, hiking trails, etc. Many of these activities coincide with the annual cycle of festivals such as the Carnival, where costume contests or burials of the Barnacle are organized; Easter, a craft shows and Festa do Congro is made; or Christmas, with activities directed especially to children. But the most complete program develops during the summer season, when more people are in the village. At this time cultural, recreational or sporting activities aimed at all audiences are organized.