Muxia is a Spanish municipality located in the province of a Coruña, autonomous community of Galicia. It belongs to the region of Finistere. As artistic heritage we find the sanctuary of the Virgen de la Barca. It suffered a clumsy fire on December 25, 2013, which caused serious damage. The Romería of the Virgen de la Barca is famous throughout the province taking place the second Sunday (not before or after the 15 9. This is, if September 1 is Sunday, held September 15th) of the month of September.

Muxia received and receives countless travelers who kiss the Atlantic at this point in the Costa da Morte. Many. The vast majority remain anonymous as each of the waves thatbeat on the tip of A Buitra or disappear in the Furna da Buserana. All them, to all of you, we want to welcome you on the new visitor reception space located at the entrance of Muxia, in el Mirador da Cruz. A beautiful panoramic view and the beaches bathed by theria de Muxía. This is a large container glass where, before experiencing everything that brings you this sailor village, visitors can learn about the keys to the natural, landscape, sea and gastronomic richness of this territory of eternal sunsets. Among them, the Cape Touriñán where twice a year the last ray of sunshine from Western Europe sinks into the Atlantic.