Terraces and viewpoint, an open and free space.

That jackpot for a pilgrim doing the Camino de Santiago, to reach your destination, you can relax and enjoy a quiet place surrounded by beauty.  On the terraces and viewpoint of the Hostel Bela Muxía, you’ll enjoy the view of the landscape surrounding the town, the port, the sea, the houses, the sun, the sky… all this in an open space of great extent, and surrounded by natural beauty.You’ll enjoy standing on the balcony or lying on one of the many chairs you’ll find on the terrace. You will take the sun or enjoy a genuine gray day of Galicia, but either way, you never forget that feeling of freedom that surround you, and the characteristic landscape of the area.

After walking many kilometers, the best reward for you will be the break, and also to learn a little more of the destination you have arrived to. Pilgrims that have gone up to the terrace of the Hostel Bela Muxía returns every year only to return to remember that moment.


Footbaths where your feet rest.

Another major award for a pilgrim is to relieve tired feet after hard days on the walk way.  The ability to refresh and wash your feet, will be an added benefit provided during your stay at our hostel established for the pilgrims doing the ´Camino de Santiago´. But if you’re not pilgrim, it is not a problem because there are many people staying in our facilities and simply make a stop on their way for holidays. Whoever comes here stays more than planned.


Common rooms, a place for the cross of cultures.

To make your stay as pleasant as you might have, inside our areas you will find a common room with access to a kitchen, where you could, relax, chat with your companions, meet others like you who do the Camino de Santiago, and exchange experiences with them. On the ground floor you will find that common area with a kitchen and upstairs you will also find a place that contains a thematic exhibition of shipwrecks, Costa da Morte and of the conger air dryers traditional  in the area, where you can rest and refresh yourself in the comfortable armchairs that this has, while you learn more about Muxia.